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What’s the value of your images on the web? It might be more than you realize. ShareIQ introduces a new ROI (Return on Images) to help iconic brands discover:

  • Untapped sales and advertising opportunities
  • When and where brand images are being shared
  • New competitive insights for smarter marketing investments

Now you can take advantage of the world’s most sophisticated image-matching technology to make your images the gifts that keep giving.


How can your online images create more value? Now this question is finally being answered. ShareIQ helps inform strategic business decisions that:

  • Justify investments in image recognition
  • Open new opportunities to monetize brand images
  • Guide marketing responses to identified trends and audiences

Never before has image data offered such meaningful insight, guiding how images from the past and present can impact the future.


What online actions can a simple image inspire? It starts with sharing. ShareIQ maps the journey of images being shared, indexing the social web to:

  • Build new audience segments for social advertising
  • Gain more insight on influencer marketing effectiveness
  • Learn more about the kind of people sharing your content

Capture your own image intelligence through ShareIQ’s interactive dashboard, customized for analysis by your internal team and ShareIQ analysts.



We want to give marketers full control of their visual marketing investment.

We want to give companies complete visibility and control of their visual marketing investment by enabling brands to accurately track, benchmark and optimize visual content. We accomplish this through the industry’s most scalable image intelligence platform, delivering a superior solution to accurately acquire, analyze and index an unparalleled volume of images.


ShareIQ is an international team of technology and marketing experts that are passionate about solving the image intelligence problem. We have offices in Berlin and Los Angeles. If your company creates and distributes product and brand images on the web as part of growing your business, we should talk.


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Bernhard Weisshuhn is a longtime chief technology officer and passionate team builder with more than 16 years of experience with system architecture, development and operations. He is a thoughtful leader in bringing the latest in technological advances straight to the people who can use them.